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Bob is the best collections attorney I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. With (seemingly) minimal effort, Bob can exact major results, which makes doing business with him very affordable. I highly recommend Bob to anyone with stale and “uncollectible” receivables. Additionally, Bob possesses the legal knowledge to help a business navigate any legal storm. Highly recommended (and he’s got a great sense of humor too)!

–Jeff Roberts

GM at Awesome Bounce!


My experience with Bob Epstein leads me to write what may seem like an overly glowing review. Believe me, he deserves accolades. Bob took on a lawsuit my stepdaughter was considering against a negligent driver who hit her on a freeway late one Saturday night. Though my stepdaughter is young and, at the time, not knowledgeable about the law, Bob helped her understand her rights, the legal process, and gave her constant assistance through the complicated process that it turned out to be. Meanwhile, my wife and I found we learned something each time we interacted with Bob and grew to appreciate his integrity. No matter what he says he will do, he does it – usually sooner than he promised. Above and beyond that, we all grew to truly like him as a person. As experienced and intelligent as he is, he is also down to earth and easy to work with. I would gladly expand on this recommendation by phone or in person – so if you have any doubts, please get in touch with me through LinkedIn

–Greg Imlay

Marketer, communicator and connector of opportunities.


I highly recommend Bob Epstein, both in his legal knowledge as well as his professional conduct with his clients.

–Ben Aminnia


I have worked with Bob Epstein on many projects. He has written and examined contracts for my company, done collection work, and given legal counsel. I would strongly recommend him if you find yourself with a legal dilemma.

–Hank Yuloff, CAS

Chief Conceptualizer at www.OurMarketingGuy.com


Bob has worked on, and successfully resolved, several legal matters for our entertainment agency. He has been more than fair on pricing, very efficient, always available. . .and a pleasure to deal with. I recommend Bob Epstein highly- he is the first person I turn to when I need help or advice when dealing with legal issues, simple or complex.

–Ken McMeans

Co-Owner, Ken McMeans Presents


With Bob Epstein, I found that the word justice still works, and I saw results for my plea in two cases.

–Allan Desouza

Owner at Moderna Tile Corp


Bob is simply amazing. We have used Bob Epsteins legal services on more than one occasion and Bob always does an excellent job.

–Maksim Avrukin

Owner Gladius Technologies


Bob is a member of the Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce, and every breakfast meeting I go to, I hear people rave about how he has helped them get compensation for a automobile accident claim, or recover unpaid debts or other things that only attorneys can help us with. If I needed a go-get-em lawyer, he’s the one I’d pick.

–Kaaren D.


A big shout out to Bob Epstein who has been providing me with some awesome legal advice for the business . . if you need an attorney, call Bob. . .he rocks!

–Vince McGuire


I needed someone to advocate for me in relation to a business matter and Bob was exceptional. He was able to negotiate exactly what was needed for me and within a very reasonable time frame. I highly recommend him for business contract and transactional work.

–Kathy Rappaport


I recommend you contact . . .Bob Epstein. Bob, amongst his many talents has a specialty in auto accidents and is the guy I would want representing me rather than facing him. He has a very good track record and honestly if he can’t get a win for you, nobody can.

–Peter Green


You really came through for Roberta and with such little notice. You are ok in my book. Thanks.

Joe Pacheco


Bob is an excellent and knowledgeable attorney who speaks from a real-world perspective. During some stressful personal times for me, he was compassionate and understanding. I would recommend his work.

–Janice Ashland


You are absolutely brilliant!! You have demonstrated to me to be a man of keen and astounding alacrity of understanding and verifying the truth in the matters regarding this lawsuit. I have been with two attorneys with five to ten times the amount of staff than you have and they have failed to procure for me a definite understanding of my situation. I=m in incredible admiration of your abilities as an attorney. It is comforting for me to know that there are people as yourself on his planet with the high degree of honor you possess.

–Sean Rowe


Thanks so much for helping my friend not make a huge mistake! I know that having you as an attorney has it made her feel better.

–Deborah Sable.


Please give this attorney a call, he is amazing!

Leslie Kaz 


I hired Bob to review a tenant lease for a retail store. His work was on time, spot on and provided my company the information necessary to negotiate a favorable lease term. Over the years, I have recommended his services to anyone I know that is in need of legal assistance. I respect someone who is willing to turn down business because he feels litigation is not in the best interest of the person seeking assistance. My wife and I would not hesitate to hire Bob to represent us in any legal matter.

–Bert Seneca


Bob has handled some affairs for my partner and myself, with much focus and care. Highly recommend him!

–Amy Rosenberg


Bob is a member of the same chamber that I belong to, and many of us use him on a regular basis.  he is reliable, answers his emails/phones very quickly and is knowledgeable about many things in many areas of law. I have used him several times and I highly recommend him to anyone.

–Lee Levy

Nex Graphics


I have known Bob for years and the number of people I know whom he helped is quite large and everyone without exception was totally satisfied with him. He is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate (to his clients not the opposition), understanding of the problems, patient with hearing the whole story, warm, funny, serious when needed, and ruthless when pressed. If and when I have a problem, he’s the guy on want in my corner fighting the good fight!

–David Shannon, D.D.S.


Bob is a great attorney with the right perspective on how to deal effectively and efficiently, and with the right amount of influence dealing with adversaries, in order to get the best results for clients.

–Bob Eiselman