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Monday, April 3, 2017 @ 04:04 PM
posted by Bob Epstein

CLYDE LOUIESo, Clyde went to the vet again. You see, he was licking his legs constantly. I couldn’t stand it. Lick, lick, lick. Both front legs. Day and night. Lick, lick, lick. I guess Tory was concerned about it because she made an appointment for him with Dr. Kunin at the Veterinary Medical Center. Dr. Kunin couldn’t see Clyde as he was too busy. However, he has a new associate. Clyde told me he could sense that she was smart, beautiful and very competent. After asking a few questions, she decided Clyde was suffering from allergies. Well, who isn’t in this valley now with all those winds! So Dr. Nardi gave Clyde some meds which had stopped the itching.

Now, listen to this. Clyde has done something no one in this family has done. He lost some weight! Personally, I think it was because of that special human diet he was on for so long. That will teach him to get special food! But now, insult has been added to injury! Not only does he get his special breakfast–dry dog food, moist dog food and pumpkin-but now he gets to eat dinner! Do I get dinner? No. Does Molly get dinner? No. Tory said that if Molly and I weren’t such chow hounds (we eat every parcel of our food in 27 seconds), and if she could trust us to snack throughout the day, she would let us have food in our bowl all day. But Molly and I aren’t sissy eaters! And Tory says we have to keep our weight under control. I don’t know why Molly and I have to keep our weight under control when Tory and Bob don’t!

Last weekend, when we went to the doggie park, Clyde actually left the security of the fence. (If you will remember, a few blogs ago I talked about how Clyde always walked the perimeter. He never went into the center of the park). Anyway, last weekend he was walking all through the park. He even talked with other dogs and people. It turns out he is very social. At the vet he told me he talked with all the other dogs. He talked with the humans in the waiting room. He even managed to walk behind the receptionists desk and talk with the women who work there. Boy, Tory has never let me walk behind the reception desk.

All in all I am very glad we have Clyde. He is so gentle and nice. He really doesn’t ask for a lot of attention, although Tory, Bob and I give him a lot. (Every time Tory or Bob give him some attention, I have to join them). He is so loving and patient I really can’t remain angry with him, even when he gets special treatment. He is a very old man. I call him grandpa. I am glad he came to live with us.

I will write again when I have something more to say. Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any questions or comments, please complete the form on the Contacts drop down and I will answer you.

Until next time,

Louie B. Epstein


P.S. that is me on the left, Clyde on the right.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @ 04:03 AM
posted by Bob Epstein

CLYDE-12It is true. I saw him fly. Here is what happened.

We were out on the front porch with Bob, taking our ease. Just hanging out and watching the morning world go by. Bob and Clyde had already chatted with a small dog before they returned to the porch.

We have a lot of people who walk themselves or themselves and their dogs in the morning. Our neighborhood is very nice to walk in. The dogs in our neighborhood are all very nice. Their parents are very nice also. We frequently chat with them in the morning.

So, there we were sitting on the porch. From the edge of our property we all saw a Golden Retriever walking on the sidewalk. He was going to pass in front of our house. Now Clyde, who claims to be blind, figured out that dog was there. (Is he really as blind as he would like us to believe?)

In front of our porch is a large, slightly elevated rose garden. Happily the roses are all cut down now and so there very few branches with thorns to jump out and grab you. After Clyde saw the Golden, he flew from the porch, landing in the middle of the rose garden. Then he flew again over the rose garden and onto the lawn! He ran up to that dog!! They had a very nice chat until it was time to go in.

Now, I really wonder about Clyde. He came here claiming to be blind and deaf and half crippled. He really was too weak to stand up, so Tory and Bob would help him up. Now, however, he is very strong. Sometimes it is hard for Tory to lead him where he doesn’t want to go. He will pretend to be too weak to stand up. He isn’t! He will quietly cry until Tory or Bob come and help him get up and give him hugs and loves. Boy does he ever milk it!


Until next time,


Louie B. Epstein



Wednesday, March 8, 2017 @ 12:03 PM
posted by Bob Epstein


For the first time, Clyde ate standing up! Can you believe that? Until the other day, he lay on the floor and ate. I felt very sorry for him. A dog should eat standing up. I guess he was too weak and in too much pain to stand up. You need strong legs to stand up and eat. I looked over the other day and he was standing up and eating. He looked like a real dog. I guess his legs are stronger now and he doesn’t hurt as much.

He loves his food. And he should! He gets a ton of people food; rice, chicken, scrambled eggs, pumpkin, all because he still has a bit of diarrhea. He is having some dog food thrown in so Tory can switch him over to dog food when it is time. Next thing you know they will be serving him wine with his dinner. And probably in a wine glass.

We took him to the dog park. It was his first outing to the park. He walked all over. I don’t like to walk far because I think I should stay close to Tory in case a dog wants to bit her! Not only did Clyde walk, he ran a little with some dogs. I ran with some dogs also but I run very fast. Clyde is very slow. He has a very hard time getting in and out of the car. In fact, he can’t do it on his own. Tory and Bob lift him into the car. I run and jump in. Molly needs a little help because her hips are aging.

CLYDE EATING 2Molly found a tennis ball and had Bob throw it for her. That is her favorite thing. When she was young, we had to take her tennis balls away because she was really crazy. She wouldn’t stop chasing them and wanted Tory to throw them every minute of every day.

Clyde loves his meds! Well, he has one prescription and one supplement. Tory puts them in pill pockets and he chows down, even after that giant breakfast he eats. I get supplements. Molly gets meds and supplements. Tory always makes sure I have the same number of treats Molly has. Tory thinks I don’t notice, but she will give me a pill popper without any pills in it so I can have the same as Molly.

I have so much more to tell you about Clyde, but I have to go back to work now. I do work in the law office and have a very important job. I sleep under Tory’s desk and she uses me for a warm, soft foot stool.

Much Love,


Louie B. Epstein


Clyde Update Week 4

Friday, February 24, 2017 @ 08:02 AM
posted by Bob Epstein

STUFF 11-16 081We had Lisa over this last weekend. Bob and Tory had to go to San Diego. I was very unhappy about their leaving, as much as I love Lisa. (www.pawsclawsnhoofs.com). I think I am also a little jealous of Clyde. I should be getting all the hugs and loves, even if there are plenty for all three of us. However, all three of us really enjoyed spending time with Lisa.

Here is what Clyde was up to this week. First, he became a thief! He went into Tory’s bedroom and took a piece of her clothing. (I can’t say what piece, since this is a g-rated blog). He took it into the living room, plopped it down on the floor and laid down next to it. Now, the only thing of Tory’s that I have stolen is one shoe. And I didn’t even put any teeth marks in it. Tory left it out for me to play with but if I can play with it I don’t want to. I just wanted to take something out of the closet. Tory is so picky about her clothes! So there Clyde was, having a nice nap in the living room with Tory’s garment. Tory found out. Did Clyde get bawled out? No! Did I get bawled out about the shoe? Yes. We have such a double standard in this family!

Then . . . Tory was cleaning the refrigerator. We have a drawer with cheese in it. Much of the cheese is in a sealed pouch. Tory puts it in the pouch after we open it. The pouch has an extension. That Clyde! He slyly walked up to the refrig, right next to Tory, put his mouth in the cheese drawer and started to pull out a bag of cheese. Now, I have NEVER done such a thing in my life!! But Tory is used to having Aussies and caught him. As I asked before, did Clyde get bawled out? No! Do I get bawled out if I try to get food out of the refrig? Yes. Once again, we have such a double standard in this family!

CLYDE-12Talking about cheese, Clyde loves cocktail hour. (So do I. There are such good snacks. Molly and I only can get the snacks that fall of the floor). So Clyde walks up to the cocktail table and tries to help himself to some cheese and crackers. Boy, Tory did get on his case about that one. About time.

I am not sure what that dog will be up to next week. Since he gets stronger, healthier and more confident each day, I am sure it will be something. I will let you know!



Much love,


Louie B. Epstein


Clyde Undate

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 @ 04:02 AM
posted by Bob Epstein

STUFF 11-16 081MAJOR NEWS. Clyde was resting in the bedroom. Sometimes he likes to get away from it all and spend some time there. So he barked. Tory started to walk to the bedroom to help him get up. Guess what? He was already up and walking toward the kitchen!! Yeah for Clyde! Now he is standing and walking on his own, as long as he is on the carpet runners. He still has issues with the floor, can’t get traction. He will still bark for Tory sometimes. I think he just likes the attention.

Today he used the doggy door for the first time. The panel we push to get out is slightly frosted so I think it took him a long time to “see the light”. He came in the doggy door also. He likes the dining room sliding glass door more.

Here is more information. He is not completely blind! He is not completely deaf! Yes, he has a great loss of seeing and hearing, but he can see and hear some things!

2-14-17 052Molly and I, Bob and Tory went away for the weekend. Clyde had to stay home. He is not up to traveling. He can’t stay home alone. So our favorite pet sitter, Lisa, of PawsClawsNHooves, came to stay with him.

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? Lisa took him on a long walk. Not one of the sissy walks that Tory takes him on, (and not as long a walk as many dogs go on), but he went on a long walk. On his walk he BARKED at several dogs!! He even tried to run over to a dog. He is so strong now that it was very difficult to pull him back.

Molly and I had a great time over the weekend. We went to the California beach. We got to eat in two restaurants. They had outdoor seating for dog guests. Molly, (and I don’t know what we are going to do with her), barked at one or two guests. She also barked at a dog who came in to sit by us. His owner was so scared by Molly’s bark he sat in another part of the restaurant. What people don’t know about Molly is this. She barks a lot. She doesn’t attack or bite. She just wants people to know she is there.

105Anyway, Molly and I are getting groomed. Clyde is helping in the office because he was groomed before he came home. (We go to 4 Paws Resort and Spa, www.4pawsresortandspa.com. They are great people, love us and do a beautiful job of grooming us). I think he is going to be working soon. He is very smart.



Much love,

Louie B. Epstein


An Update on Clyde

Friday, February 10, 2017 @ 08:02 AM
posted by Bob Epstein

CLYDE LOUIEHere is what has happened this week.

Thanks to Dr. Kunin at Veterinarian Medical Clinic, Clyde can stand up and walk  really well. However, here is what he does. He is lying down and barks. He only barks when he needs something. If Bob or Tory don’t get to him very quickly Molly, my rescue sister, starts barking. She won’t quit until someone goes over to Clyde. So, Tory or Bob get to Clyde and touch his back hips. Then he gets up on his own.

My job is to herd Clyde. He has trouble getting to where he wants to go because he can’t see very well. I walk on his left side and gently push him in the direction he needs to go.

Clyde is a fast walker. Once he gets up, he can walk so fast Tory has to almost run to catch up with him. He is very good at evading her.

He loves the smells in the house. He has a very good nose. In fact, Tory left the doors to the pantry open. Clyde sniffed one package. He didn’t like it. He sniffed the second package. He didn’t like it. He sniffed the third package with doggy treats in it. He tried to pull it out of the pantry. Tory stopped him. He loves his special food and all his treats.CLYDE BOB2

Sometimes, the three of us get into a tussle. Tory doesn’t like that and stops the tussle immediately. I think it is cool that a 17 year old dog is still willing to get into a tussle!

Yesterday the five of us walked around the block. I took the lead. Molly walked with Clyde. This way, no dog could get near him. We take good care of him outside also.

It is raining here, so Clyde decided to sleep indoors. He tends to bark a lot when he is going to sleep, so he keeps all of us up late. Molly doesn’t bark for Tory to help Clyde when he is doing his bedtime barking. Molly knows he really doesn’t want anything.

I will write again when I have something more to say. Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any questions or comments, please complete the form on the Contacts drop down and I will answer you.

Much love,

Louie B. Epstein


Louie gets a new brother, er, grandpa

Friday, February 3, 2017 @ 11:02 AM
posted by Bob Epstein


As many of you know, Rocky died last spring. Bob and Tory invited me, Louie,  to join their household. Of course I accepted. Part of my job as a member of the family is to take over Rocky’s blog.

I am 4 years old and still a bit of a monster. I love the garbage. I am very good at emptying the garbage can and spreading its contents all over the kitchen, the hall and the dining room. I have to acknowledge Molly because she is a great help. She and I have become fast friends.

My blog, at least at first, will not be as legally oriented as Rocky’s was. This is because I am much younger and haven’t worked in the office as long. My English, however, is more sophisticated than his.

So, here is our major news. Bob was on Facebook and found that someone had abandoned an elderly Australian Shepherd at the shelter. Not as good looking as me, but pretty close. His name is Clyde.

Many people responded to the picture of Clyde. They had very nice things to say about him. They were very sad he was in the shelter. So was Bob.

So, long story short, Bob and Tory felt like it was a no-brainer. They had to bail Clyde out of the shelter. They called Aussie Rescue. Karyl, of Aussie Rescue So Cal, aussierescuesocal.com called the shelter and had all the paper work done.

099Bob and Tory went over to the shelter and picked up Clyde. They told me he smelled rather gamey! They had to take him to our favorite groomer, 4 Paws Resort & Spa in Canoga Park. 4pawsresortandspa.com.

Tory said those people are so wonderful! They took him right in and cleaned him up. When he came home he smelled very good.

You see, Clyde is 17 years old. He is mostly blind, can’t hear and is rather arthritic, but he’s really a sweet old guy. He is kind and gentle and loves being part of the community. He loves to walk around our block. He also gets special human food! When he needs something he barks (but his bark sounds more like a sea lion). He likes to sleep, too, except at night when we want to sleep

Clyde also visited our favorite veterinarian, Dr. Kunin, at Veterinary Medical Center in Woodland Hills. They take very good care of Molly and me. Sometimes Clyde has trouble getting up and Bob or Tory have to lift his hind end so Dr. Kunin gave Clyde some meds. The next day Clyde felt much better. He is even occasionally able to get up by himself!

Clyde seems to like it here. Molly even likes him. He will live here as long as he can and we will all love him and take care of him



I will write about Clyde soon.  Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any questions or comments, please complete the form on the Contacts drop down and I will answer you.

Much love,

Louie B. Epstein

P.S. That is my picture at the top of this page.

How I Take Care of My Mom

Sunday, September 13, 2015 @ 04:09 AM
posted by Bob Epstein

2014-09-27 13.20.32I have a second job. I think it is more important than my office job.

My second job is to take care of my Mom. This is how I do it.

I bark. That is one reason I bark so much when people come to the front door. I want them to know I am here and I am mean! Truth is I am not really mean, but people think I am because I bark so loudly. But if anyone hurt Mom, MOLLY and I would be very mean. We would bite that person many times.

When a man comes into the house, I stay close to Mom. Some men I like. Others I think may have a mean streak. When a man with a mean streak comes, I am always between him and Mom. He doesn’t realize what I am doing, but I am ready in case he hits my Mom or something like that.

I guard her when she is sleeping. The picture on this page is me watching her while she takes a nap on the couch. I sleep in the hall near her bedroom at night.

I have to give her hugs and loves too. I always walk up to her and wait for hugs and loves. She really needs them. I do too. Every morning we have hugs and loves. Last thing in the evening we have hugs and loves. During the day we have hugs and loves.

She knows me too well. Today the gardener came. When he is in the backyard, I know he leaves both gates to the front yard open. When he comes, Mom makes me stay in the house and locks the doggy door. Today, Mom forgot to put the doggy door in. I saw my opportunity! I casually walked out the doggy door when she wasn’t looking. I waited a few minutes then walked up the side path to the front yard. I was going to take one of my famous walks. I have written about them in past blogs. You may want to read one or two. I especially like to walk in the rain. I like to walk so much I will walk in any weather. Then it happened. Just as I was getting near the front yard, I saw Mom. She was waiting for me, standing with her hands on her hips. When she stands with her hands on her hips I know I am really in trouble. We have to have a staring contest. She always wins. I know I am wrong so I look away. Anyway, she made me go back into the house. That was ok though. It was much cooler in the house.

Until next week,







Rocky J. Epstein, Blogger

The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein



Rocky welcomes your comments or questions on any of the content of his blogs. He will be sure and answer you. Just visit him at rocky@bobepsteinlaw.com.

Remember to read about my hotel stay next week. MOLLY has never been in an elevator! I will tell you all about it.

Rocky Takes Labor Day Off-Runs a Past Post

Sunday, September 6, 2015 @ 04:09 AM
posted by Bob Epstein

DOGS-ROCKY2 2-17-10 025This year I decided to take Labor Day off. I am running one of my earlier blogs. I will be back next week.


This is one thing I hate. That red, white and blue little truck that stops at our house every day but Sunday. This man gets out of it and puts some stuff in our mailbox. Mom says it is ok. Personally, I think he is always stealing something. It is my job to stop people from stealing from us.

One time that man in the red, white and blue truck ran over a client of ours. She was in the hospital for a long time. We had to sue the government. We got her a bunch of money. Bob really showed them! He called it a personal injury case.

Anyway, I hear this truck before it gets to our house. I always go to the kitchen window and watch. I think that someday he won’t try to steal from us. But it never happens. He walks to our porch disguising what he is doing by carrying some papers. Then I go into action.

I run to that front door and raise as much cain as I can. I bark, I jump, I throw myself against the door. But then that MOLLY (the reason they call female dogs what they call female dogs) comes running to the door. She is barking her head off. She throws herself against the door. Doesn’t she know this is my job? Then I have to start fighting with her trying to stop her from doing my job.

Then we get in trouble. Mom comes to the door and gives us that stupid “Quiet” command. Of course we don’t listen. Then she gives us the “Garage” command. We have to obey that one. We go running to the garage and Mom opens the door before we crash into it. Once she wasn’t fast enough and I crashed into it. I don’t mind the garage. At least out there I can bark all I want. MOLLY hates it. In fact, she is such a fraidy cat, (unlike Shuli, the real cat) she will quit barking!

The cool thing is that this guy in the red, white and blue truck comes down the other side of the street and I get another chance at him.

It sure is hard to do your job when Mom doesn’t respect what you are doing.



Rocky J. Epstein, Australian Shepherd, Blogger

The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein

Rocky’s New Business Cards

Sunday, August 30, 2015 @ 04:08 AM
posted by Bob Epstein

DOGS-ROCKY2 2-17-10 026Yes, I have new business cards.

Some of you may not know that I had old ones. I did. I have had business cards for a very long time. I am a very important part of this law practice. My cards weren’t very nice. Bob made them on his computer. Mine said “Assistant to Mr. Epstein, Blogger”. That was a problem. People were very confused. They thought I was a person. After all, most people don’t know Australian Shepherds. They don’t know how smart we are. They don’t know we can think. They don’t know we can solve problems. Bob purchased his cards from Thomas Graphics, thomasgraphics.us. They were very nice. He didn’t have a title on his.

Hank, Our Marketing Guy, ourmarketingguy.com said we should have new business cards. He designed several new ones. Bob and I picked the one we liked the best. We wrote on mine “Rocky J. Epstein, Australian Shepherd, Blogger”. This will be better for people. They will understand who I am. And, Mike Thomas makes my cards. They are beautiful. Bob still doesn’t have a title.

Last week I wrote about going to the Concert in the Park. We got there early. Bob and I walked around. I met a lot of nice people. I met a lot of nice dogs. I don’t have a thumb. I can’t hand out business cards. If I put them in my mouth to hand them to people, they would get scared. Bob handed out my cards. Everyone loved them. I received a lot of hugs and loves. None of the other dogs had business cards.

Since they won’t let me go to networking meetings, Bob has to hand mine out. He said people really like them. I would like to go to the networking meetings. I know I would get a lot of hugs and loves. Besides, I am very good at promoting Bob’s law practice.

MOLLY does not have business cards. If you don’t know who MOLLY is, please read some of my past blogs.

If you would like to have one of my cards, contact Bob. You can use the web site or call him.

Until next week,



Rocky J. Epstein, Blogger

The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein


P.S. Next week I will tell you about my second job.

Rocky welcomes your comments or questions on any of the content of his blogs. He will be sure and answer you. Just visit him at rocky@bobepsteinlaw.com.