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The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein does both debt collection and collection defense.

If you have debts you would like to collect from a client and want to maintain a relationship with them, Bob has methods of debt collection that will allow you to preserve the goodwill you have with that client and collect your money.

However, if you have a debt that needs to be collected without maintaining a relationship with the debtor, Bob will vigorously pursue the debtor. This involves collecting all written documentation available (contracts, correspondence, invoices, etc.), presenting it to the court and obtaining a judgment from the court ordering the debtor to pay you. The debtor will then be pursued using all legal means available.

Other clients owe a lot of money to their creditors but do not owe enough to be a good candidate for bankruptcy. In cases such as these Bob is an expert negotiator who can successfully reduce the amount that is owed to the creditors.

He has been very successful in negotiating debts to a fraction of the original debt owed, enabling his clients to avoid bankruptcy.

The first thing that collection defendants notice is the harassing phone calls and letters stop once the creditor knows that The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein is representing you.