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Business Law

Business Representation

If you own a business, you are going to need the services of an experienced business attorney. Whether it’s forming the entity, negotiating or reviewing a lease, or drafting a contract between your business and a third party, you will need an attorney. The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein represents many businesses that are not large enough to have in-house counsel but are smart enough to know that with the aid of an experienced attorney their business will run smoother, allowing them more time to work productively.

The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein represents clients in business matters. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in civil and business litigation. Mr. Epstein represents any type of business entity including: sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs and corporations.

Business disputes have the potential of disrupting daily business operations and adversely affecting the business’ reputation. They can take away your ability to concentrate on making your business profitable.

With many years of experience vigorously representing businesses in contractual disputes, The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein is extremely effective in aggressively representing you in a variety of business matters.

This representation begins with clearly understanding your concerns.

Experience, close and personal coordination with clients and a passion for detail assures that your case will be promptly, favorably and decisively handled while your best interests are protected.

Some of the areas in which Mr. Epstein represents business clients include:

Business Entities

Shareholder disputes; partnership, corporate, and LLC formation; disputes and litigation; joint venture agreement disputes.

Entertainment Industry

Mr. Epstein has represented motion picture producers, writers and talent. He has both drafted contracts for them and litigated on their behalf when contracts have not been honored.

Contract disputes

  • Breach of contract (Failure to perform contractual obligations)
  • Failure to perform or deliver goods or services
  • Failure to pay for products or services rendered
  • Purchase and sales agreement disputes
  • Delayed performance
  • Lease agreements
  • Liability issues Intentional or negligent misrepresentation (fraud)
  • Interference with prospective business advantage
  • Inducing breach of contract
  • Violations of non-competition agreements
  • Collections

The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein also protects its clients from possible future litigation with well drafted contracts that can be effectively and efficiently enforced. These contracts may be drafted for established businesses or new businesses. They can keep you out of legal trouble and act as a first line of defense.

Bob J. Epstein is the only lawyer your business needs.