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The Law Office of Bob Epstein
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Bob Epstein collections attorneyBob J. Epstein was born in Fullerton, California and has lived his entire life in Southern California.

At the age of five, Bob decided he wanted to become an attorney.  With this goal in mind he graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.  After receiving his J.D. and passing the California State Bar, Bob began practicing law in 1990.

After working for other attorneys for six years, in 1996 Bob ventured out on his own, establishing the Law Office of Bob J. Epstein.   Since 2004 the office has been located in Woodland Hills.

Bob has participated in and supported the following organizations: The Jewish Home for the Aging, Greater San Fernando Valley, Calabasas and Woodland Hills Chambers of Commerce and the Mid Valley Community Police Council. In addition he has helped with various events throughout the San Fernando Valley.  He is very active at Temple Aliyah, being president of the 1,000+ family synagogue from 2009-2011.

Bob lives in Woodland Hills with his wife, Tory. Bob has two children and is also “father” to two Australian Shepherds and one cat, all of whom are rescues.