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Sunday, May 10, 2015 @ 04:05 AM


DOGS-ROCKY2 2-17-10 014Now, here is what I would love to do: go to court.

I know some dogs work at court. Some play with nervous children and adults. Some check for bombs. Some just look fierce. They intimidate people at the entrance to the court. Others can jump on and knock down people who are being stupid.

Now, I am so busy helping in the office I don’t have time to train to be a therapy dog. I can’t be a bomb dog. I don’t look fierce enough to intimidate people. I do bark enough to intimidate people. When my sister Molly and I bark together, people run! Then, when we have to start fighting each other also, no one will come near. I am not strong enough to knock people over. I really like to love people and get hugs. That is my favorite thing. That is how I am paid and I am well paid!!

I know that I could be a great help at court. I am bred to herd. This is what I am very good at. I could herd all the people into the courtrooms, but the courts don’t want that service.

Bob goes to court. Sometimes he is making appearances for his clients. Sometimes he is in a trial. I think I should be able to go into court with Bob. After all, I am his assistant. He needs my help. Although his clients think he does a really good job in court, I know if I were there he would do an even better job!

Perhaps we should start a petition to allow dog legal assistants in court. Would you be willing to sign such a petition?

Until next week,





Rocky J. Epstein, Assistant to the President, Blogger

The Law Office of Bob J. Epstein


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